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What is Restaurant Insurance?

Restaurants are exposed to an array of potential risks in the course of their regular business, and they need protection against those risks. Restaurant insurance helps shield Massachusetts restaurants from many of the perils they face.

Restaurant insurance is a form of commercial insurance that has been specifically designed for dining establishments. Most policies come with a combination of restaurant liability insurance and restaurant property insurance protections to help protect against multiple risks that restaurants face.

What Restaurant Liability Insurance Coverages Do Restaurant Policies Offer?

Most policies make several restaurant liability insurance coverages available. A few of the more common ones are:

    • General Liability Coverage, which normally protects against common accidents
    • Liquor Liability Coverage, which normally protects against alcohol-influenced incidents
    • Product Liability Coverage, which normally protects against harm caused by foods or beverages
    • Umbrella Liability Coverage, which normally serves as a supplemental protection

In addition to these, many policies offer auto coverage as an option. Traditional commercial auto coverage usually combines vehicle-related liability and property risks, while hired and non-owned auto coverage typically provide liability protection for vehicles that are used by a business but not owned by the company (such as employees’ cars used during deliveries).

An insurance agent who specializes in restaurant policies can help with choosing appropriate coverages, including auto coverage if it’s needed.

Restaurant Insurance Massachusetts

What Dining Establishments in Massachusetts is a Restaurant Policy Right For?

Most Massachusetts dining establishments where customers eat on-site should consider getting a restaurant policy. Sit-down restaurants, counter-service eateries, fast food establishments, cafes and coffee shops are a few of the businesses that can likely benefit from the protections provided by a policy.

Some similar businesses, such as food trucks, caterers, nightclubs and bars, may have similar coverage needs. These businesses, however, usually can find a slightly modified policy that’s more specifically tailored to their needs.

What Property-Focused Coverages Do Restaurant Policies Offer?

Policies also normally feature several property-related coverages that are included as standard or optional protections. Some common ones are:

     • Commercial Property Coverage, which normally covers owned buildings and equipment
     • Tennents Betterment Coverage, which normally covers improvements to a leased area
     • Equipment Breakdown Coverage, which normally covers essential equipment against malfunction
     • Food Contamination Coverage, which normally covers ingredients against contamination

Restaurant Insurance Massachusetts

Do Restaurant Policies Come with Workers Compensation Coverage?

Although most restaurants have employees and need workers compensation coverage, this protection isn’t frequently included in restaurant policies. Instead, it’s often purchased separately through a free-standing policy. Agents who are familiar with restaurant policies can likely also assist with workers compensation.

What Factors Influence Restaurant Policies Premiums?

Many different considerations can affect how much restaurant policies cost. For instance, a restaurant's insurance rates might be influenced by:

     • The location of the establishment
     • The size of the establishment
     • The number of customers served
     • The types of foods and drinks offered
     • The coverages and limits selected

Often, whether an establishment has a past history of filing insurance claims can also impact rates.

Establishments that want to compare rates from different insurance companies can do so easily by contacting an independent insurance agent. Unlike captive agents that are typically linked with a specific insurer, independent agents are freer to show customers policy options from different insurers in the state. Going through several quotes with an informed agent makes it easy to determine what the best available option is.

How Can Massachusetts Establishments Get Restaurant Insurance?

For help comparing different restaurant insurance policies that are available to your Massachusetts dining establishment, contact the independent insurance agents at John P. Russell Insurance. Our agents are able to explore quotes from different insurers, and they have the expertise needed to help you select the right policy for your particular eatery.

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