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What is Landscaping Insurance?

Operating a landscaping business requires substantial investment, and the resources put into this kind of business ought to be protected when possible. Landscaping insurance helps shield Massachusetts landscapers from many of the risks that their businesses face.

Landscaping insurance policies are specialized commercial policies that have been developed specifically for landscapers and their businesses. Policies typically are crafted as package policies, which means they have several coverages within them.

What Massachusetts Businesses is Lawn Care Insurance Right For?

The majority of businesses in Massachusetts that offer landscaping or lawn care services should have a lawn care insurance policy in place. Few businesses are free from all risk, and this is normally the most appropriate type of insurance for businesses in this field. Moreover, the need for insurance generally extends to both businesses that focus on residential services and those that prioritize commercial accounts.

How Much Do Landscaping Policies Cost?

Insurance companies look at lots of different factors when setting premiums for landscaping policies, so rates for these policies often vary. In most cases, though, coverage is quite affordable. It’s almost certainly more affordable than facing a major claim with no protection in place.

Landscaping Insurance Massachusetts

What Coverages Are Available Through Lawn Care Insurance Policies?

There are many coverages that lawn care insurance policies might provide. A few of the more commonly offered ones include:

     • General Liability Coverage, which might protect against common accidents and some lawsuits
     • Errors and Omissions Coverage, which might protect against mistakes made when giving advice
     • Product Liability Coverage, which might protect against injury and property damage caused by sold products
     • Pollution Liability Coverage, which might protect against environmental harm caused by used chemicals
     • Commercial Auto Coverage, which might protect owned vehicles and trailers
     • Inland Marine Coverage, which might protect owned equipment that’s being transported between sites
     • Commercial Property Coverage, which might protect owned buildings, equipment and inventory

Policies may also offer commercial umbrella coverage, cyber liability coverage, business interruption coverage, and many other protections. The exact coverages that any one policy offers can vary.

An insurance agent who focuses on lawn care insurance can help landscapers find a policy that provides adequate protection for them and select the specific coverages they need.

Do Landscaping Policies Provide Workers Compensation?

Workers compensation is an oft-mandated coverage that protects against workplace injuries and illnesses. Should an employee sustain a covered injury or illness, the insurance will normally pay for medical costs and lost wages that are incurred. Most businesses in Massachusetts that have employees are mandated to carry the insurance.

This is an especially important coverage when working with commercial lawn care equipment and chemicals, but it’s frequently not included in landscaping policies’ standard coverages. Instead of getting workers compensation through a standard lawn care policy, many landscapers purchase a lawn care policy and a separate workers compensation policy that stands on its own.

Insurance agents who assist with lawn care policies can normally also help sort through workers compensation policy issues.

Landscaping Insurance Massachusetts

Do Landscaping Policies Cover Snowplowing Services?

Since many landscapers provide snow removal services during winter, a number of insurance companies have landscaping policies that can double as snowplowing policies. Not every policy will provide robust protection for snowplowing activities, though.

Businesses that are interested in a dual-purpose policy that will sufficiently protect against the risks associated with both of these services should work closely with a knowledgeable agent to find a policy that meets their needs.

How Can Businesses Get Landscaping Insurance?

For help finding landscaping insurance in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents at John P. Russell Insurance. Our agents have worked with many landscapers in the state, and they have the expertise necessary to get you a policy that’ll provide your business with robust protections.

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