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What is Professional Liability Insurance?

Clients expect professionals to apply their expertise, whether that’s knowledge in a field or a particular skill, correctly when they’re hired. Should professionals make an error in the advice they give or work they do, they may be held financially liable by clients for any losses that arise out of that error. Professional liability insurance helps protect Massachusetts professionals from a range of liability claims that clients may file against professionals if they make an error.

Like many other types of commercial liability insurance, professional liability insurance usually helps cover legal fees, settlements and judgments associated with covered claims. In many cases, policies will pay expenses associated with covered claims regardless of whether the insured professional actually made an error.

What Massachusetts Professionals Can Benefit from a Professional Liability Policy?

Many professionals working in Massachusetts can benefit from having a professional liability policy. Just a few examples of professionals who might want this type of coverage include:

     • Doctors
     • Lawyers
     • Accountants
     • Engineers
     • Contractors

To get the best coverage, professionals should usually look for a policy that has been specifically designed for their line of work. For example, doctors typically need a medical malpractice policy, which is a specialized form of professional liability coverage. Many insurers offer other types of specialized policies for lawyers and the other professionals listed.

Professional Liability Insurance Massachusetts

What is Directors and Officers Insurance?

Directors and officers insurance is a specialized form of professional liability coverage that’s normally for directors and officers of businesses and non-profit organizations. These leaders frequently have responsibilities that extend beyond those of an average employee, and they are sometimes held responsible when they make a mistake. A directors and officers policy may help protect a leader from liability suits related to a professional error that they make and are sued over.

What is Errors and Omissions Insurance?

Errors and omissions insurance is another specialized professional liability coverage. It’s frequently purchased by professionals who offer advice rather than execute a skill. For instance, lawyers, accountants, investment advisors and insurance agents might select an errors and omissions policy when shopping for professional liability coverage.

Is Professional Liability Coverage Available Through Package Policies?

Professional liability coverage is widely available both as a stand-alone policy and through package insurance policies, such as business owner policies and commercial package policies. For professionals who need additional insurance policies, getting coverage through one of these package policies often results in substantial premium savings.

An insurance agent who’s familiar with different types of commercial insurance policies can help professionals decide which of these purchasing options makes the most sense for their situation.

Professional Liability Insurance Massachusetts

What Discounts Are Available for Professional Liability Coverage?

In addition to the multi-policy discounts offered through business owners policies and commercial package policies, insurers offer a number of other discounts that professionals might qualify for. Some of the more common discounts include premium reductions for:

     • Recently graduating with a professional degree
     • Completing continuing education courses on risk management
     • Working only part-time
     • Working with other practitioners in a group practice
     • Paying a policy’s premiums in full

Exactly what discounts are available vary from insurer to insurer.

How Can Massachusetts Professionals Get Professional Liability Insurance?

Since it’s so important to get a professional liability policy that’s designed for their specific type of work, professionals should work with a knowledgeable insurance agent when shopping for coverage.

To speak with an independent insurance agent who specializes in professional liability insurance, contact the team at John P. Russell Insurance. Our agents know what to look for in these policies, and they’re able to show you policies from different Massachusetts insurers so that you can choose the best one.

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